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Pinned topic Restoring .spf file on Framework Manager for sample from Cognos RedBook.

‏2013-01-17T08:16:19Z |
Recently I've installed Cognos 8 Business Intelligence as a trial version. I've also restored the sample databases Great Outdoors on SQL Server. I can connect to SQL Server fine and also develop my own reporting packages using the Framework Manager.

Now however I want to work through the examples in the "red book" Dean Browne et al. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1 Handbook. (I know that strictly speaking this is for a different version but the versions mostly seem fairly similar). I've downloaded the file that comes with the book and opened it up in Framework Manager. Everything seems OK, but (not sure if this is the correct terminology) the objects in the model aren't linked properly to the connection on my machine. So when I try to run anything it can't connect.

What changes do I need to make so that everything will be OK and I can deploy the packages and continue working through the examples ?

I know this is a fairly basic question, but it is driving me crazy and I'm not familiar enough with the product to work out the answer. Thanks.