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Pinned topic ios management - push problem

‏2013-01-17T07:34:45Z |
Hi all,

I have a problem with my IEM MDM installation. I believe the source is Apple Push.

The messages I send to an iOS device is delivered only when the Endpoint Manager "Mobile Client" is running on the client. The message can only be seen inside the "Mobile Client" app, no notification pop-up is displayed.

Devices can communicate with the server successfully, provide reports and can receive security profiles from the MDM server.

Notifications are set to "on" on the devices and the devices can receive push notifications from different sources.

MDM server does not have any restrictions on firewalls when accessing the internet.

I am attaching log files from the MDM server where several SSL errors exist.

Observing those errors I have re-configured the Management Extender with a fresh certificate request.

I will gladly appreciate if you can help me resolve my problem.

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