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Pinned topic eserver pseries 6C3 rebuild

‏2013-01-16T23:29:06Z |

I have a eserver pseries 6C3, not connected to an HMC. /etc was removed, system powered off, and will not boot. I put desired AIX 5.2 CD in drive, power cycle, option 1 SMS, then install new, select disk, could not, disk is bootable: no (well it was...). So tried a preservation install: Copy of volume group failed. So tried a new install, no options specified: failed. Now SMS does not see the disk. So, how do I get SMS to see my disk, so I can boot off the AIX 5.2 CD and install AIX on my disk? Disk is in slot 1, extreme right, I ensured address was 3. When system starts up, disk activity lights do flash. And, yes, I have scoured the manuals at ' '.

I have a 2nd, running 6C3. I put the 'invisible' disk in this 2nd, running 6C3, and rebooted. The disk is not seen.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.