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Pinned topic EYUXL0105E Error trying to connect to CMAS

‏2013-01-16T23:05:03Z |
I'm attempting to setup CICSPlex/SM using CICS/TS 4.2 trial. I've setup the CMAS as well as the WUI. WUI is also able to connect to CMAS. I've also upgraded a CICS region to 4.2 and am trying to connect it to CMAS. However, it's getting the following error:
EYUXL0030I TGGCICS ESSS connection in progress to CICSPLEX(TESTG) for SYSID(CM01).
EYUXL0105E TGGCICS ESSS connection failed.

Anyone have any hints on what could be causing this or what to look at? Thanks.
  • Bruce Giordano
State of Oregon