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Pinned topic How to restart the model with different data?

‏2013-01-16T17:12:23Z |
Hi all!
I try to figure out how can I implement the following use-case:
Imagine, I have a simple model(just to explain). Smth like:

int a http://1..2= 2,2;
int d http://1..2 =...;
dvar int+ x1;
dvar int+ x2;

minimize x1+x2;
subject to{

And now I want to test my model for randomly generated data d has the same value all the time.
What is the easiest way to do that? Looks like the simple use-case, but I stuck here...

Actually, I generate the data in MATLAB, may I somehow implement the described above case using API for example? My real model is huge and I cannot easily find the needed data piece in the A matrix.

Thank you in advance for the help!