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‏2013-01-16T14:42:05Z |
Hello, I was curious about people's experiences with hosting System Architect (11.4.1) and DOORS (9.3)in the same environment. We currently have both client pieces hosted on a central server (a VM, actually) which users access via Remote Desktop Web Access. The SQL Server 2008 and DOORS server both reside on a separate server (also a VM) from the client applications. We don't have a huge number of users, but the more we get, the worse things go - even though the RAM & CPU of the servers don't seem to reflect that the servers are suffering under the load.

We're exploring different solutions, like co-locating DOORS client and server, or separating each application and each database onto different servers (so going from two servers to four), but before we make any changes I wanted to see what other people have found worked well, or really didn't work well, or should have improved the situation but didn't, etc, etc, etc.

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    Re: SA / DOORS Environment Experiences

    Hello again -

    Maybe I'll get more responses if I ask a more specific question...

    One of the environment changes we've been debating is moving DOORS (9.3) and System Architect (11.4) onto separate application servers. However, we also use the SA for DOORS integration module. From the 11.3 release notes ( it looks like SA and DOORS do not have to be installed on the same server for the integration to occur. However the most recent information from IBM ( just says both products have to be 'installed' - it doesn't say where.

    What have others experienced with their DOORS-System Architect installations? Have you tried them installed on separate servers on the network, or do you always co-locate them on the same box together?

    Grateful for any insight or suggestions,