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Pinned topic why is db2pd not showing data for -reorgs index?

‏2013-01-16T13:33:08Z |
Environment is DB2 9.7 fp5 on Windows Server 2003 SP2.
I am currently running "REORG INDEXES ALL FOR TABLE SCHEMA.TABLEA ALLOW READ ACCESS CLEANUP ONLY ALL". db2pd -d DB -reorgs index shows me all the table reorgs I have recently done but there is no info shown after "Index Reorg Stats:" for this or completed index reorgs. I get the same thing if I do a full database db2pd; it does show the reorg index as a running app.

Also if I do a list history all completed reorgs are shown, including index reorgs, but this reorg is not shown. Is this due to entries not being included in history until complete?

I would really like to be able to know the progress of the index reorg. Any ideas why the stats do not show or another way to at least guess the progress of the reorg? I did an application snapshot and can see index logical reads/index writes so that is some indication of progress but not sure how accurate.
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    Re: why is db2pd not showing data for -reorgs index?

    Hi John,

    Unfortunately, I think it's to do with the 'cleanup' clause. I don't think db2pd monitors cleanup index reorgs at this point in time but I do know it has been asked for.

    Best regards,
    Stephen Levett
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    Re: why is db2pd not showing data for -reorgs index?

    thanks for the info. I will quit trying to make it work