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Pinned topic mist size on RAID5

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Dear All,
I just purchase IBM x3650 7945 with 600 GB SAS * 3 then I configured those with RAID5 with integrated controller but I'm wondering why the size of those 3 SAS size only can be configured for 1 TB not 1,8 TB any mistake I done while configured the RAID

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    Re: mist size on RAID5


    This is due to the way RAID 5 works. RAID 5 is the size of each drive multiplied by the number of drives in the array, minus the capacity of one drive.

    So, if you have 3 x 600GB in a RAID 5, the maximum logical volume size can be 1.2TB.

    The only way you can have 1.8TB with 3 x 600GB drives is if you used RAID 0 (stripe), though that doesn't offer any redundancy.