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Pinned topic WATCHDOG RESTART is detected.

‏2013-01-16T10:43:47Z |
Why is DataPower appliance crating backtrace file with description:


Device is XI50 and version information is:
Watchdog Build XI50.
Installed DPOS XI50.
Running DPOS XI50.
XML accelerator xg3
Machine Type 9235
Model Type 4BX
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  • Trey
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    Re: WATCHDOG RESTART is detected.

    The device detected that some object has hung or become stuck in the same state for a long period of time. Since the object did not change state for a few minutes the device had no choice but to reload the firmware. You really should open a pmr with support so we can take a look at all of the data in the error report and see if this is a known issue or what the possible source could be.

    You can also compare to the 4.0.2 fix list to see if any apars might apply:
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    Re: WATCHDOG RESTART is detected.

    Thank you for the explain