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Pinned topic Restore Content store from production to Development

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Hi everybody.

I'm knew to COGNOS and have been gievn the task of getting our production and development environments in line. Basically, the development environment has become cluttered with half developed stuff and we have no idea of knowing if any of the report in there are any good to be worked on.

Basically, what I was going to do was to take a backup of the production content & audit databases and restore them to the development environment (renamed appropriately) and obviously point the development environment at the newly restored databases. I plan on keeping the current development databases there as a backup.

Is this approach OK and is there anything else I need to do - or is there a better way? I've been reading about exporting the content store as an Deployment?


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    Re: Restore Content store from production to Development

    Assuming that both environments use the same security provider, I personally would just take a full content store deployment export through the IBM Server Administration UI from production.

    I would then create a new empty development database, configure the dev system to use it and then do a deployment import through the IBM Server Administration UI in developement. (After copying the zip file of course.)

    I am not suer what the benefit is of copying the audit databases.