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I am not sure whether this is an existing feature in RFT. Else I would suggest this as a feature which will enhance the effectiveness. Please read the below suggestion and do comment on this:
In our normal webpage or any other document, we have option to "Find" a "text" or "word" using ctrl+f. Suppose that we have a word in our applicaiton say a web page application. Here suppose we have a paragraph (Html.DIV) which contains the text "This is a bike ?" somewhere in the 3rd or 4th line and not in the middle. Suppose the word "bike" contains its description as a hover text. We need to perform the following actions on the word "bike" here:

1. Hover over the word "bike" and read the text. (giving the coordinate values won't work as the word position may change).
2. Highlight the word "bike" using a red border (performing a getscreensnapshot() now will help testers in ensuring the presence of word by viewing the logs with screenshots. The screenshot will have "bike" highlighted with a red border).

This I prefer as an enhancement in upcoming releases if the feature is not present already.

Thanks and Regards,
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    Why don't you get the text and search in it using Java? Write a vpManual control for this.