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‏2013-01-15T21:02:14Z |

We have DP (Version ) integrated with WSRR to fetch WSDLs and policies. We have a subscription made with a poll period of 86400. Looks good as long as WSRR is up.

My assumption is that even if WSRR is down, DP continues with the cache wsdl and policies it has and polls for updates. If WSRR is down it continues with cached version untill DP is restarted ( temp/cache memory will be lost ). But practically that is not happening.. When WSRR is down DP couldn't fetch WSDL and the transactions are failing. I saw cache was available for sometime even when WSRR was down, not sure when that cache got cleared off ( DP was not down till now ).

Can someone suggest the actual behaviour of DP incase WSRR is down ?

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    Re: DP integration with WSRR : Refresh

    We have similar setup, but we dont see that issue. In our case the wsdl is being cached in Dp.