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Pinned topic Is there a method to avoid ++INCLUDE processing?

‏2013-01-15T19:22:52Z |
I am running RAAz and have come accross a minor problem.
In former days, CA-PANVALET was in use in the shop, the ++INCLUDE statements have been handled, but only the active ones.
That have left a number of ++INCLUDES as COBOL comments.

RAAz are disregarding any comment asterix in col 7, and are trying to resolve the ++INCLUDE regardless. Needless to say, it can't find the includes, and where it can find them, it garbles the source, as they shouldn't have been included...

So, is there a way to circumvent RAAz's build in ++INCLUDE processing?
I assume that there is a good reason for having RAAz handling ++INCLUDES, even as comments.

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    Re: Is there a method to avoid ++INCLUDE processing?

    The handling of ++INCLUDE statements by RAA is controlled by two properties in the Common.cfg file (see below) as some clients may be in various stages of using/migrating from CA-Panvalet. The CA-Panvalet version control system may not know the language of the file, and always expects to see the ++INCLUDE start in column 8. An asterisk in column 7 (for COBOL) is seen by the compiler (but not by CA-Panvalet).

    The two properties allow various combinations of procecesing. I believe you want to set expandIncludeInCommnet = false

    #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ---Panvalet--- # This specifies the attributes of RAA
    's CA-Panvalet support: # allowIncludeInAnyColumn = ++INCLUDE may start in columns other than 8 # expandIncludeInComment  = ++INCLUDE may be commented out # isEnabled               = indicates CA-Panvalet support is enabled #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Panvalet] allowIncludeInAnyColumn = 
    false; expandIncludeInComment = 
    true; isEnabled = 
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    Re: Is there a method to avoid ++INCLUDE processing?

    Thx for helping my poor memory.