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Pinned topic Standalone RBU is broken in Linux

‏2013-01-15T17:20:26Z |
I am unable to get a standalone install of Rational Build Utility (RBU) 8.0.4 with WAS v7 runtime stub to successfully build our projects when this is attempted on Linux. I have a build.xml that successfully builds some projects on my Linux development system with RBU and RSA 8.0.4 installed. However, if I try to use the same build.xml on another Linux server that only has RBU 8.0.4 and the WAS v7 runtime stub installed, Java compilation will fail because it is not able to find any of the J2SE classes (e.g. java.lang.Object). It seems that the createWSRuntime task that is run somehow doesn't work properly with RBU so the stub runtime doesn't appear to get used for Java compilation or if it is, the Java compiler is not given the correct classpath to the jars within the JRE.

I can fudge it to work by modifying the project's .classpath to explicitly include the JRE jars but that is not an acceptable solution.

Is there anyone out there who has actually gotten a standalone RBU install on Linux to successfully build their web projects?
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