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Pinned topic VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

‏2013-01-15T16:50:26Z |

- VIOS_2.2.2.1-FP26      - dated Nov  9, 2012 - VIOS_2.2.1.5-FP25_SP03 - dated Dec 11, 2012

Which one is more current ?

Is there a readme doc that outlines the differences between the two ?

Bottom line.... looking for something (an http link will do) that would allow me to make an educated decision on which version to install next (assuming I'm currently sitting at SP02).
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  • unixgrl
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    Re: VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

    ‏2013-01-15T19:39:35Z  in response to The_Doctor
    The information you want is on IBM's Fix Central site. Pick PowerVM Virtualization software and it will give you a list of all the available releases along with their README information.

    Usually, the older release version, latest patchset 2.2.1 in this case)is mostly equivalent with the latest released version except for support of new features. I haven't read through these particular READMEs but my guess is that the latest,greatest VIO release would support the new MHD model of 780 along with the dual-10Gb adapter and quad-HBA while the 2.2.1 would not. There may also be other requirements such as HMC or frame firmware levels that go along with the latest version.

    Get the details from Fix Central documentation and then decide which one makes the most sense for your environment.
  • sajjadhashimi
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    Re: VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

    ‏2013-01-15T20:51:54Z  in response to The_Doctor
    Can't agree more with the 1st poster. Just one quick thing is to also consider your NIM level, i.e. if its being utilized in your environment, you may have to update your NIM accordingly, fyi.

    Definately look thru the readmes very closely;

    From "Fixes included in this release" section;
    VIOS level is -- NIM Master level must be equal to or higher than

    Update Release -- AIX 6100-08

    Service Pack 02 for Update Release -- AIX 6100-07-06
  • The_Doctor
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    Re: VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

    ‏2013-01-15T22:05:01Z  in response to The_Doctor
    Thank you both for the comments.

    yes, I've been thru the readme docs on Fix Central. I was hoping for a little more meat in my hamburger though. Also, the accuracy of the existing readme's might be somewhat questionable..... at least portions are somewhat questionable..... or maybe they're just oversights & typos.

    For example:
    PACKAGE: Update Release (FP 25 SP02)   IOSLEVEL:   General 
    package notes   Review the list of fixes included in Update Release (FP 25 SP02).

    The above was taken from FP 26. FP 26 equates to not FP 25 SP 02. So when I see errors like this it's a challenge as to how much of the readme is "generic" or carried over from a previous readme and how much actually applies to FP 26.

    Moving on to the fixes in each.......

    Latest fixes in FP26 V2.2.2.1
    Fixed issues in LHEA driver Fixed issues with MPIO drivers Fixed issues with Storage Framework driver Fixed issue with cluster services reporting disks as down even after paths have recovered Fixed problems with ethernet device driver Fixed issues with Qlogic FCoE target mode Fixed issues with LPM validation using NPIV Fixed Emulex Target Mode problems Fixed issues with SEA Fixed problems in Trusted Logging Fixed issues with SSP LU create and map functions Fixed issues with viosbr command Fixed lsmap issue where all vhosts were not listed Fixed issue with installing filesets from DVD Fixed issue with Padmin user unable to read XNTD log files Fixed issue swith ioscli snapshot command Fixed issue with viosecure Fixed RBAC issues with oem_setup_env Fixed problem with cluster -list not showing correct clustername Fixed issues with chsp command Fixed issues with LPM migration

    While FP 25 SP 03 shows Latest fixes in V2.2.1.5:
    Fixed issues with Cluster-Aware AIX (CAA) Fixed issues in HEA driver Fixed issues with MPIO Fixed issues with SAS adapter during error recovery Fixed issues with 10GB Ethernet driver Fixed issues with FC Protocol disk driver Fixed potential hang issues with LSI SAS 3GB blade adapter driver Fixed error recovery related problems 
    for Fiber channel adapter Fixed I/O drawer failover issues with FCOE Adapter Fixed issues with Ipv6 packet handling Fixed issues with USB DVD RAM driver Added diagnostic support 
    for 2nd generation RDX docking Fixed problems with NPIV commands from an IBM I client Fixed link issues with VFC code Fixed lsmap problem with wrong client partition id display after LPM Fixed issue with client losing access during NPIV mobility Fixed issue with NPIV ports Fixed LPM failure issue with SSP DB being offline Fixed issues with Suspend and Resume logic Fixed file open error problem with topas_nmon in padmin shell Fixed issues with cluster restore Fixed issues with IVM Fixed issues with SEA driver Fixed issues related to Shared storage pool

    By shear volume, FP 25 SP 03 seems to contain more fixes, but I find it difficult to reconcile the 2 fix lists..... thus my original questions.

    But a reasonable observation was pointed out that I hadn't picked up on:
    • FP26 seems to align with 6.1 TL 8, while
    • FP25 SP03 seems to align with 6.1 TL 7 SP 03
    so I thank you for that observation.
  • seroyer
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    Re: VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

    ‏2013-01-15T22:14:55Z  in response to The_Doctor
    VIOS just provides bug fixes over VIOS VIOS provides new function and bug fixes over VIOS is really just provided for the extra cautious customers who just want the bug fixes without the new function, and to reduce the test impact before rolling the change out to production.

    That said, there is no guarantee that contains all of the bug fixes in, since is a month newer than You have to review the READMEs for the APARs you are interested in and decide what is important to you.

    • The_Doctor
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      Re: VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

      ‏2013-01-16T21:13:55Z  in response to seroyer
      ok, understood. thank you for your insight.
      • jklotz
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        Re: VIOS - FP26 vs VIOS - FP25_SP03 - differences ?

        ‏2013-01-18T14:41:37Z  in response to The_Doctor
        Readme's of VIO Server Fixpacks are usually remarquably vague regarding their content, to have some clues it's better to look at the readme's of the corresponding AIX release. List of AIX / VIO fixes are matched in that document, for which I pray it continues to be maintained (see picture at the end) :

        For example, AIX 6.1 TL08, to which the FP 26 seems to relate :

        And 6.1 TL07SP6, to wich the FP25-SP03 seems to relate :

        As stated somehere on the IBM website, FP for VIO Server bring fixes and new functions, where SP only bring fixes.