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Pinned topic NotesDB not accessible in DataStage?

‏2013-01-15T04:29:18Z |
Hi All,
I have been creating jobs with a certain notes db for a while. But recently, i am getting the following error message even on jobs that had executed successfully before.
0001Error executing View Data command:##F IIS-DSEE-TDOD-00004 23:19:51(000) <main_program> Fatal Error: Could not connect to datasource?? (-1; ; Shark; LotusODBC Lotus NotesYou are not authorized to perform that operation)*bold*
I tried recreating the DSN but that didnt work either.
The username and password work directly on Lotus Notes and i can access the database there. I also carried a trace on the notes port and it connected to the server. There are also no network problems, since the server can be pinged.
Any ideas what could be the problem?