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‏2013-01-14T16:53:45Z |

I am pleased to announce the article in the series of JSFCentral Podcast interviews I am doing with Cagatay Civici, talking about PrimeFaces, including PrimeFaces Mobile and PrimeFaces Extensions.

Here is an excerpt:

Kito: Hello and welcome to the JSFCentral Podcast. This is a series of interviews, and today I'm here with Cagatay Civici,
who is the project lead for the PrimeFaces Component Library for JSF. And you're also the cofounder of PrimeFaces Technology,

Cagatay: Yeah. Prime Technology.

Kito: Prime. Right. I always—for some reason, I always say it like PrimeFaces, Prime Tech—I'm sure you get that a lot.

Cagatay: Yeah. Not many people know about the company. It's just—usually it's PrimeFaces.

Kito: Right. Well, before we get started I just wanted to do a bit of a full disclosure. My consulting company, Virtua is a PrimeFaces
partner. However, we also work with other component libraries, like ICEfaces and RichFaces, et cetera. But I just wanted people
to be aware so no one complains later—"oh, you interviewed Cagatay because you're a partner"—and that's not why.
We're having the interview because this is an important component suite for JSF. So, just so people know, you work
with Prime Technologies, right?

Cagatay: Yeah.

Read the full article here:
Kito D. Mann | @kito99 | Author, JSF in Action
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