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‏2013-01-14T15:33:55Z |
Hello, I have an issue where a peoplesoft application server will continue to consume memory and will eventually crash unless the appications are restarted. I need to gather some evidence to either prove this is an application issue or an AIX issue. During evaluation I've noticed that the Recv-Q will continue to grow in size once the application starts. This happens over connections to the database. However I have also noticed that the database does this over loopback connections. I have other peoplesoft servers and they don't behaive like this. Since Friday the server has consumed 10GB more RAM and the Recv-Q have grown from a few thousand to nearly 17000. This application server tha 98GB of RAM currently using 85GB so at this rate a crash will occur in two days. I've sent IBM a perfpmr trace and they report there is no issue with the server. If I need to post additional infomation on specific settings please let me know which once will help. If anyone can provide some information to help me I would greatly appreciate it.