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Pinned topic Missing driver requisites updating to 6100-06-09 - how to fix?

‏2013-01-14T15:26:16Z |
Hello, I'm relatively new to AIX and have been tasked with updating some 6.1 T6 P4 systems to P9. During the patch installation the operation fails with two missing requisite base level packages. I've searched through all of the installation media I can find and have not been able to locate these packages to solve the dependency.

Can anyone suggest where I might find the necessary requisites, or if it's possible to apply the patchset without them (given that they are driver packages not in use by the system)


Filesets listed in this section failed pre-installation verification
and will not be installed.

Requisite Failures

SELECTED FILESETS: The following is a list of filesets that you asked to
install. They cannot be installed until all of their requisite filesets
are also installed. See subsequent lists for details of requisites.

devices.pciex.a2191007df1033e7.diag # 10GbE 4 port PCIe2 Mezz Adapter Diagnostics
devices.pciex.df1000f114100104.diag # 8Gb FC PCI Express Quad Port Adapter Device Diagnostics

MISSING REQUISITES: The following filesets are required by one or more
of the selected filesets listed above. They are not currently installed
and could not be found on the installation media.

devices.pciex.a2191007df1033e7.diag # Base Level Fileset
devices.pciex.df1000f114100104.diag # Base Level Fileset

<< End of Failure Section >>

Thanks in advance.
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  • enmanasu
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    Re: Missing driver requisites updating to 6100-06-09 - how to fix?


    You need to look for these filesets on the base 6.1 CD wont be there on your service pack update package..

  • The_Doctor
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    Re: Missing driver requisites updating to 6100-06-09 - how to fix?

    The IMAGE filesets (not UPDATE filesets) you want:
    devices.pciex.a2191007df1033e7. devices.pciex.df1000f114100104.

    are in Service Pack 6.1 TL 6 SP 6 ..... aka 6100-06-06.

    Had you downloaded 6100-06-09 and specified Include prerequisites and co-requisite fixes I can only imagine you would have had the necessary filesets included. BUT the download would have been MUCH MUCH larger.

    Anyway, download 6100-06-06 without asking for prerequisites, then you can run:
    bffcreate -c -d $FULL_DIRECTORY_NAME

    to see the filesets you need.