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Pinned topic "View Test Results" is not activated

‏2013-01-14T14:42:59Z |
Hi all,
I created the following rule

status matches_format 'A'
AND birth_year >= 1992
AND grade_level in_reference_list {'pk',1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}

I binded the variables and there are no problems, but when I wanted to view the test result of the rule the "View Test Results" button is not activated..
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  • smithha
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    Re: "View Test Results" is not activated

    ‏2013-01-14T20:52:05Z  in response to SystemAdmin

    Once you've created your rule definition, you have two options from an execution/evaluation standpoint.

    1) You can select the "Test" button. It sounds like this is what you did as you noted binding your variables.
    2) You can select the "Generate Data Rule" button.

    Either one will take you through the same tasks:
    1) bind your variables. Which you note you did.
    2) add joins, if needed.
    3) select your output needs:
    - Output type: statistics only, records that meet rule(s), records that do not meet rule(s), or all records.
    - For the latter three output types: selection of the variables/columns/etc. to include in the output detail
    4) submit/run your job.

    Depending on whether you chose "Test" or "Generate Data Rule" will differentiate where you can see your results.
    If you selected "Test" to start your job run, then output will only be visible with "View Test Results" from the rule definition screen (and that will only be enabled if the job completed).
    If you selected "Generate Data Rule", then you need to select or open that data rule and choose the task "View Output".

    If you selected "Test", submitted your job, and cannot use the "View Test Results" button, then likely there was an error with your job. You can use the Log Views (described here: ) to help identify potential issues in job executions.

    • SystemAdmin
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      Re: "View Test Results" is not activated

      ‏2013-01-14T21:20:31Z  in response to smithha
      Thanks Harald. It works..