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Pinned topic Confused over VIOS update contents

‏2013-01-14T10:44:47Z |
I'm about to update a VIOS server on a test/dev box from SP-02 to Fix central gave me a bunch of ISO images to download.

01/14/13 02:19 47 U854314.v1.iso
01/14/13 02:19 47 U854314.v2.iso
01/14/13 02:19 47 U854314.v3.iso
01/14/13 02:19 47 U854314.v4.iso
01/14/13 02:19 47 U854314.v5.iso
01/14/13 02:19 47 U854314.v6.iso

How should I deal with them in order to make updateios tool to recongnize them.
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  • seroyer
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    Re: Confused over VIOS update contents

    They are CD images. You can burn them to CDs and load the CDs one at a time in a physical optical drive in the VIOS. Otherwise, you could mount the images somewhere and copy the files into a directory on the VIOS.

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    Re: Confused over VIOS update contents

    You an use a software like 7zip to extract their content (extract all images content for example to c:\VIO_FP, answer yes if it asks you to overwrite some files), then you can move the content of c:\VIO_FP\installp\ppc to a vio server and use it for update with updateios command.