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Pinned topic How to get all unread emails in JAVA from lotus notes domino server.

‏2013-01-14T06:36:24Z |
Hi ,

I am new to Notes JAVA API and developing a utility where I require to read all unread mails from a Lotus notes id.Now when i try to use lotus.domino.Database.getAllUnreadDocuments() it gives me the following exception

NotesException: Not implemented
at lotus.domino.cso.Base.notImplemented(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.cso.Document.markRead(Unknown Source)
at Source)
My application is a plain JAVA application in eclipse using NCSO.jar

My question is , do i need to extend lotus.domino.AgentBase ?
If yes then what all dependencies do i require as , JAVA app is not allowing to extend it.

& if no then is there any other way to get all unread mails?