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We have IBM x3755 M3 servers running ESX 5 and ESXi 5.

How do I run the IBM UpdateExpress utility on these servers to update the firmware/drivers?

I've read the instructions from:
but it's still not clear to me on the exact procedure. I'm looking for detailed steps.

Is there a GUI option or just the CLI?

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    Re: IBM UpdateXpress on VMware


    Recommend you use the current version (9.30). The documentation details the steps for vSphere 4 through 5.1. See pages 50-53 (65-68 in the PDF) in the following document.

    UpdateXpress 9.30 Documentation

    You will use the Windows version to connect remotely to your ESX 4 or ESXi 5 hosts from a Windows workstation (assuming you meant ESX 4 since there isn't an ESX 5, typo?). The main pre-requisite is that you must be running the IBM customized image of vSphere 4 or 5, or have loaded the IBM drivers for the IMM. If you are just running the native VMware image without any of the IBM customized drivers, then the procedure will not work (won't work if the system is missing IBM-specific drivers for things like the IMM and CIM providers, which UpdateXpress needs for hardware visibility).

    You can download IBM customized vSphere updates from FixCentral when looking up downloads for your system type (do not specify on OS when searching).

    You can also find the IBM customized vSphere images here:

    You can find the current UpdateXpress installer here. Again, use the Windows version and follow the command-line interface steps described in the document.