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‏2013-01-11T19:15:14Z |
we are licensed for 500 pvus for portal
2 lpars (assigned 3 cores each) running on two different 740 frame.
Now we have 2 lpars running wcm (assigned 1 core) which are sharing the same frame where the two portal lpars are on.

Since the IBM tool doesn't make a distinction between portal and WCM. it's just portal enable for the tool.
the tool is counting 4 cores for portal, so the tool shows 560 pvu for portal instead showing 2 * 3 times 70 = 410 pvus.
In this case how do you advice to go about it, can we sign off the report putting a comment the actual values are under.
or is their any kind off work around / fix around this.
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    Re: pvu count portal enable


    please post the exact product names & versions that should be discovered.
    What are the operating systems on these LPARs and what is your current software catalogue version?

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    Maks Kowalik

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