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‏2013-01-11T17:09:22Z |
I am working with FileNet P8 5.1 and am currently trying to test development of custom EventActionHandler code. As a test I have added the sample code (JavaEventHandler.class) as a CodeModule via FEM and in a separate test (after removing the CodeModule) copied the sample code to the system class path (WAS).

Once the code was in place I attempted to create define Event Actions defined to use the sample code.

I was unable to complete the process of creating an Event Action in both cases.

I'm certain I have missed something simple but I have reviewed the documentation several times now and can't find the problem.

Any suggestions?
From the FEM trace:

2013-01-11T16:48:29.284Z 50965096 ENG FNRCV0010E - ERROR method name: validateEventHandler principal name: P8Admin Global Transaction: true User Transaction: false Exception Info: Unable to load event handler class from either associated code module or system classpath: JavaEventHandler.class.\ncom.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException: FNRCV0010E: EVENT_HANDLER_VALIDATION_FAILED: Unable to load event handler class from either associated code module or system classpath: JavaEventHandler.class. failedBatchItem=0 errorStack={\n at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.SubscriptionProcessor.validateEventHandler(\n at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.SubscriptionProcessor.validateEventActionHandler(\n at com.filenet.engine.persist.ActionPersister.validateEventHandler(\n at com.filenet.engine.persist.ActionPersister.preExecuteChange(\n at com.filenet.engine.persist.IndependentPersister.executeChangeWork
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    Re: Custom Event Action programming

    When you specify your handler class name, are you by any chance including the ".class" suffix?