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Pinned topic Memory usage on Lpar for Oracle database

‏2013-01-11T16:08:09Z |
New to AIX6.1 have a Lpar system that runs two Oracle db. Total system memory is 16Gb. Current SGA size is 3Gb for each database; vendor requested increase to 8Gb for one database. From nmon it show the following available memory:

Physical PageSpace
% Used 72.3% 7.3%
% Free 27.7% 92.7%
MB Used 11844.4MB 37.4MB
MB Free 4539.6MB 474.6MB
Total(MB) 16384.0MB 512.0MB

Will the Lpar system dynamically modify the amount of memory requested if all 5Gb is assigned for a total of 8Gb to this database or should only the amount of "Free" memory be assigned - 4Gb for a total of 7Gb?