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Pinned topic CICS Explorer TCPIPHOSTNAME mismatch

‏2013-01-11T14:59:28Z |
I am setting up CICS Explorer and trying to get access to our online region on the host, and it appears I am finally getting close. We have 2 groups wanting to use this product, our IBM support team who already has access and is running Explorer and our account team, me for now, who is just setting this up. While both the IBM team and us use the same PORT number to access the host, we have different IP addresses at the high level node.
When I use the IBM IP my connection times out. When I use my IP address I get a mismatch error on the host.

DFHWB0114 01/11/2013 08:52:46 A51CICW2 CWXN A non-HTTP request has been received by an HTTP service. The request has been rejected
Host IP address: 10.999.888.77. Client IP address: 206.999.888.77. TCPIPSERVICE: EYUWUI

Can we assign multiple IP addresses to a single region

Or is there a way to tell the EYUWUI how to handle this situation?
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    Re: CICS Explorer TCPIPHOSTNAME mismatch

    Hi there,

    Because this is a deep CICS config question, I think you'll get a wider set of people with the right kind of knowledge on the CICS forum, to try and troubleshoot.

    I did ask around in search of a simple answer to this to save pointing you over there but so far I haven't found one. is the place...