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Pinned topic mmlsconfig output for a single node

‏2013-01-11T11:16:45Z |
On AIX i use the following command line to get the node configuration data for a given node.

node=MYNODE mmdsh -N $node 
"mmfsadm dump config | grep -w !"

but it does not work in case the node is down.

In this case i use :

node=MYNODE mmlsconfig | sed -e 
'y/[/\n/' -e 
'y/]/:/' | egrep -wp 
"$node|^common:"   | grep -v 

Any better options ?
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    Re: mmlsconfig output for a single node

    The mmlsconfig command does not have an option that does exactly what you wanted. You can try the below to see if it is better:
    mmlsconfig all | awk 
    '!/\[/{print;next} /MYNODE/{print}'