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Pinned topic Need help - Adding stored procedures with same name

‏2013-01-11T08:06:46Z |
I am using Data Studio 3.1 Full Client with DB2 9.7 Express. I am unable to add more than 1 stored procedures with the same name. DB2 supports this scenario, provided the signature of procedures should be different and a specific name should be specified in the procedure declaration. In the New Stored Procedure dialog, when I specify the name of an existing procedure in the project, then the Finish button is not enabled to proceed further. But this was quite possible with the earlier versions of Data Studio which I had used. Please review the screen capture of the New Stored Proicedure dialog box attached

Please share your experiences and help to resolve the problem
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    Re: Need help - Adding stored procedures with same name

    Hi there,

    Yes it is a known issue. The creation wizard prevents user from creating a stored procedure in the same name. The quick workaround is:

    Goal: to create 2 stored procedures with same name
    step 1: create the first stored procedure, for example, name it "PROCEDURE1".
    step 2: create the 2nd stored procedure, name it "PROCEDURE2" for the moment.
    step 3: In the editor, change PROCEDURE2 to PROCEDURE1. Save.
    You will see two stored procedures of PROCEDURE1 in your project tree.

    Hope it helps. Thanks!