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‏2013-01-11T06:14:39Z |
There are some applications written in WebSphere Integration Developer 6.2. In it there are imports, sending a message to MQ queue. How to catch the error and report it to the user in the most inaccessible MQ or deny entry to the queue?
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    Re: Tracking error sending to MQ

    On every MQ API call, e.g. MQPUT and MQGET, there is a Return Code given back to the caller of the API. These return codes are the way to catch errors in your application. Reporting that error to the user of the application is something the application writer determines how to do, whether it is writing it to a console, printing it to the screen or displaying a dialog box; all these depend on what kind of application it is.

    With regards to deny an application entry to a queue, there are full authorization features in MQ to allow only permitted users access to any queues.

    I wasn't sure exactly what you were asking to do, so if I have not answered your question, please do response with something more detailed so we can help further.