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Pinned topic Pre Install check before installing CC/CQ version

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Hello Everyone,

We are planning to run a pre install check job on all the users machine before installing the CC/CQ version. Some machines got old CC/CQ version (7.0),Other Rational 7.0 products and Old version of IBM Installation Manager.

It will be great if anyone has any kind of windows batch script to perform the Pre Install Check. Could you all please suggest any other things to include on the Pre-Install check?

Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Pre Install check before installing CC/CQ version

    We use a vbs script to detect old versions prior to installation as well, I have extracted this into a second vbs script that we run on logon to identify and log to a database which versions of CC are installed and if they are legacy (pre Installation Manager) etc.

    I have attached this, hopefully it is of some use.
    Alastair French
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    Aeroflex International Ltd