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Pinned topic Is XC10 production ready to use as Side Cache for XI50?

‏2013-01-10T16:35:04Z |
Is XC10 production ready to use as Side Cache for XI50? XI50 will use REST API to cache web service response in XC10.
Anyone tried this scenario? Is this working well in PROD without any issues?
Thanks in advance. You response is much appreciated.
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    Re: Is XC10 production ready to use as Side Cache for XI50?


    The XC10 used as a side cache for the XI50/XI52/XG45 is absolutely production ready. We have numerous customers in production with this configuration across a variety of industries. These industries include large telecommunication companies, travel and transportation, retail, insurance and banking / finance.In fact  version 5 of the DataPower firmware for the XI50/XI52/XG45 includes new capabilities to manage a collective of XC10s from the DataPower management interface. V5 firmware out-of-the-box "one-click" configuration options provide efficient and secure cache operations. You can encrypt/decrypt data stored in the XC10, obfuscate the cache key used to identify a data item, load balance requests across a collective of XC10. You can also remote manage and monitor the XC10 data grid directly from the DataPower management interface. From the DataPower management interface, you can create a data grid on the XC10, clear a data grid on the XC10 and view high level statistics to verify the effectiveness of caching policies. There is also an easy to use XC10 specific URL for use with the standard url-open extension function which can greatly reduce te XSLT required to interact with the XC10. You can read the original article I wrote on this topic here. Watch the community for an updated version which covers a lot of these new features. You can also see a video on the Sprint XC10 solution here.

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