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Pinned topic DB2 LUW Express-C 9.7 FP6 or FP7

‏2013-01-10T13:30:27Z |

I've looking for DB2 LUW Express-C 9.7 FP6 or FP7 to download , but could not find it on any Express-C related page (or Google ;-) )?

Are those FPs for Express-C available anywhere or planned to be ?

Thanks a lot.
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    Re: DB2 LUW Express-C 9.7 FP6 or FP7

    ‏2013-01-10T22:16:28Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    There is no such thing. DB2 Express-C is a free product and we do not provide FixPacks for it. We do refresh. These refreshes at times may coincide with the release of Fixpacks for the priced DB2 editions but there is no guarantee that we would refresh DB2 Express-C at the same levels as regular FixPacks. Customers that require specific levels should consider DB2 Express either as a yearly subscription (Fixed Term License) or a one time charge DB2 Express license.

    One more very important point ... we only make the latest versions of DB2 Express-C available for download. Currently, v10.1.2 is what is available for download. When the next update becomes available, v10.1.2 will disappear and only the new version will be available. People that need version stability and are not willing to always use the latest can either save the install images of DB2 Express-C or purchase DB2 Express Edition as I described above. You can always ask people in the community if they may have saved a version that you need. I am sure some enterprising DB2 Express-C enthusiast will start sellign back-level versions of DB2 Express-C on Craiglist and Ebay :-)

    Leon Katsnelson
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      Re: DB2 LUW Express-C 9.7 FP6 or FP7

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      Hi Leon,

      thanks for your answer.

      The reason for the question is that my customer and I had recognized that there have been several Express-C 9.7 versions (GA, FP2, FP4) available for download in the past and Express-C 9.7 FP5 still is available for download. As my customer aims to upgrade his entire landscape of different DB2 LUW editions to FP6 or FP7, the question came up whether these fix levels also will be available for the Express-C edition at some point in time.

      Thanks a lot !!!

      Michael S. Brenninger