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Pinned topic Inserting multiple views from a different module

‏2013-01-10T13:16:29Z |
I have one module that contains requirements. There is another module which contains 3 views of reference data that must be included in the final document.

I understand how to use a placeholder and add the second schema to get data from a the second module and insert it into the final published document.

I do not understand how to extract View A which consists of a filtered view that has columns of attributes and insert it in the placeholder. (at least not without a painstaking recreation of filters and text objects)

After that then I need to understand how to distinguish View A from View B so that View B can be inserted in a different placeholder.

I have seen several threads on this subject and they haven't increased my understanding. The example doorsView.dta in the source /DOORS /examples folder has not revealed enough information to me on how to proceed.

I am not a programmer. My RPE training has been a struggle of on the job learning. If someone has the time to explain this in some simple step by step instructions I would be very grateful.

If you have done this exact same thing and have an example file that might do the trick too.