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Pinned topic myFirstPluign + Facet Cloud

‏2013-01-10T10:15:59Z |
Hi all,

I am trying to deploy myFirstPlugin, in order to activate the Facet Cloud, I am able to
show the myFirstPlugin feature as a new tab in the text miner, uncommenting the code
in the plugins.xml. Then I deploy the change, restarting the text miner service, using the
following code:

esadmin session searchapp.node1 restarting

After that I am able to see the myFirstPlugin tab in the text miner, however,
when I select one of my facets, the table is not populated. Any thought about that?
I am not modifying the default myFirstPlugin.js, and the table from the plugin is supposed to
be populated with the facet´s keywords, their frequencies and correlations.

I am using ICA 3.0, I suppose that if the myFirstPlugin is supported in the version 2.2,
it is so in version 3.0, isn´t it?


  • Dmartinc
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    Re: myFirstPluign + Facet Cloud

    The myFirstPlugin.js in version 3.0 has an error, that´s why the table is
    not populated.