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Pinned topic File transfer to ws_ftp web server

‏2013-01-10T06:43:08Z |
Hi All,

I have to transfer file from ftp location to ws_ftp web server having address as through Datapower. So I am not sure if it required SSL Proxy profile or SFTP client policy configuration in user agent. Please throw some light on this.
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    Re: File transfer to ws_ftp web server

    ‏2013-01-10T16:46:38Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    you should see the scenario as 2 different process

    1. Getting the file from ftp location. ( using SFTP client polices or not is based on the front side handler you select )
    2. Sending the file to https server . ( you should use SSL proxy )

    As you are sending file via https : you should use SSL proxy, during transformation.
    while getting the file from ftp location if you are using SFTP server front side handler , no need to use SFTP client policies , but if you are using SFTP poller front side handler you should be using SFTP client policies.