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Pinned topic HTML Template - IE 8 issues

‏2013-01-10T05:35:46Z |

In model, I have one datapage which uses one html template.

That model works fine in IE 7 but in IE8 i am facing some issues. Because of some security reasons, i am not able to attach my screenshots. But i will explain the scenario.

I have one table with 2 columns, when i one open page in IE8, columns are moving towards right position eventhough i mentioned in align="left". Please suggest some tricks. My requirement is, i should edit only html template not model.
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    Re: HTML Template - IE 8 issues

    So it's not clear from your question the type of data in the second column. If the data is a type that is normally right aligned like numbers you could set the class for these that sets the style attribute.

    add a style like this
    font-size: 11px;
    text-align: left;

    and change the template entries like these

    current def in template
    <td name="ColumnData_decimal" class="outputDataRight tableCell" valign="top" align="right" nowrap >Decimal</td>

    new one
    <td name="ColumnData_decimal" class="outputDataLeft tableCell" valign="top" align="left" nowrap >Decimal</td>