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‏2013-01-10T01:30:27Z |
Hi...If I assign two NIC cards to one AIX box, I will get two set of IPs & MAC addresses. But do I get two sets of ports range like below ?

Eg. NIC1 - IP port 3000-5000
NIC2 - IP port 3000-5000

I want to simulate two physical server with only one box. So I thought may be we could get two set of ports & then have application installed in two separate directories.
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    Re: Ports on AIX server

    Of course you do, but check your applications are not opening their sockets *.PortNumber, because many do. These applications will try to bind to a transport/portNumber for all interfaces/ip addresses, and some have some kind of configuration file to specify the interface/ip address to -only- use.