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Pinned topic DB2 Tech Talk January 31st: DB2 in a Big Data World: No SQL, XML and More

‏2013-01-09T20:38:06Z |
Happy New Year to all. We have concluded a very successful year on the DB2 Tech Talk series and are back at it in 2013!

Big Data is a hot, hot, hot topic in 2013. And so we are kicking off the year with a technical analysis of how DB2 fits in a Big Data world. Clearly, DB2 handles relational data but did you know it also has handled XML data for several releases? Now in DB2 10, we have introduced an RDF Graph Stores capability that can help as you build the next generation of data applications. All of this data-- from structured typical back office data to internet chatter to sensor data and more-- is now able to be analyzed and DB2 plays a role. Learn more about this role.

We'll also talk about other IBM Big Data products that integrate with DB2 in a Big Data solution and some security considerations.

More information and register: link: