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‏2013-01-09T19:01:57Z |
Running RAD 8.5 (32-bit JRE for eclipse) on Windows 7 64-bit, have local help disabled, and remote help pointing to, test connection to this works fine. When bringing up the "Help Contents" from the Help menu, the window it brings up does not display anywhere close to all of the information topics in the contents that it does if you go to the site directly.

1) Why is this?
2) How do I control or manipulate it so it will all get displayed?

Thank you!
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    Re: RAD 8.5 Remote Help Content Missing

    Hello Mike:

    In order to diagnose your issue, we need more information,
    Can you please check your workspace log to see if there are any errors?
    The log is located in your workspace\.metadata\.log
    Not sure if it may be related to the web browser

    you can check under to configure
    Under window->Preferences->Help
    Under Open help content
    You can configure external Web Browsers used to display help content

    or go directly to here.
    Under window->Preferences->General->Web Browsers