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Pinned topic DOORS internal links from same module not visible in Gateway

‏2013-01-09T18:06:03Z |
Following advice found on this site, I am now able to see links between DOORS modules (9.3) in Gateway (Rhapsody 7.6.1) having added a DOORS Link to References via Types modification. Thanks very much!

However, links within the same module are not visible (except by a convoluted Gerry-rigging that has ramifications manifested in the Rhapsody model itself).

My organization has parent requirements and child requirements in the same specification/same DOORS module. In-links/out-links have been established between applicable parent and child requirements.

I am unable to "traverse" links from a top level requirement to its child/children and vice versa, although I can traverse from a child requirement to a lower-level requirement in a different module.

I should note that the internal links (trace stereotype) are sort of visible when using the Evaluate capability and selecting References, e.g.

Desired end state is to be able to traverse from top-level parent to child in same module and then from that child to a lower-level requirement in a different module and so on (five levels across several components...unfortunately).