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Pinned topic xseries 346 (Type 8840) - fan warning but all fans running

‏2013-01-09T17:04:03Z |
After windows updates and 2 reboots I am now getting a fan warning on the little pop-out LED panel in the front. This is causing all the fans to go to 100% making a relatively quiet server room loud. There's no LED's on the fans telling me which one is bad. I've reseated all fans and both power supplies to no avail. All the fans are blowing air. How can I tell which one is defective? Also,I thought these fans were hot swapable(?) I started reseating them while the server was on and the first one I pulled out powered down the server.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Attached is the DSA log from the server. TIA!
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    Re: xseries 346 (Type 8840) - fan warning but all fans running

    Dear Edward,

    first of all update server's software:

    IBM BIOS Flash Update v1.17
    IBM Baseboard Management Controller Update v1.20

    IBM ServeRAID SCSI Controller Driver for Win2003 32-bit v7.12.11
    ATI RADEON Video Driver v6.14.10.6744

    If it not helped, post updated DSA log.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow