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Pinned topic ODBC errors vs FP 7

‏2013-01-09T14:08:51Z |
Hi all

IBM Data Server Runtime Client 9.7.700.552
IBM DB2 ODBC driver 9.7.700.552

I have just upgraded a client system from 9.7.4 version to 9.7.7,
after that an application that use ODBC stop to run and return the following error on windows event log.
Using the FP 4 everytingh was working fine.

Any body have already saw it?


Event Type:       Error Event Source:   COM+ Event Category:               Unknown Event ID:             4786 Date:                    1/9/13 Time:                    11:44:58 AM User:                    N/A Computer:         SExxxxxxxxxxxx Description: The system has called a custom component and that component has failed and generated an exception. This indicates a problem with the custom component. Notify the developer of 

this component that a failure has occurred and provide them with the information below. Component Prog ID: 0[ODBC][C:\DB2NT\BIN\DB2CLI.DLL] Method Name: IDispenserDriver::CreateResource Process Name: xxxxx.exe Exception: C0000005 Address: 0x7C84160F Call Stack: ntdll!RtlSecondsSince1970ToTime + 0x13d odbc32!MpHeapAlloc + 0xb0 odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0x86b odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0xa0e odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0xc51 odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0x1092 COMSVCS!DispManGetContext + 0x9eb COMSVCS!DispManGetContext + 0x1f31 odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0x183b odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0x199e odbc32!SQLConnectA + 0x28fb odbc32!SQLSetEnvAttr + 0x31f0 + 0x41806eb + 0x10596a7 + 0x1059355 + 0x1057b78 + 0x1055dca + 0x1055cca mscorwks!Ordinal17 + 0x5037 mscorwks!GetCompileInfo + 0x23cd mscorwks!GetCompileInfo + 0x29a6 mscorwks!GetCompileInfo + 0x2a14 mscorwks!ReleaseFusionInterfaces + 0x40d82 mscorwks!ReleaseFusionInterfaces + 0x40e51 mscorwks!CoInitializeCor + 0x98b5 KERNEL32!GetModuleHandleA + 0xdf
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    Re: ODBC errors vs FP 7


    Just to share,

    this problem is fixed with 9.7 fp 8