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Pinned topic how to create access from server to storage

‏2013-01-09T14:02:24Z |
Hi all,

need help please, I have DS3512 storage with 5 disk drive 2TB each. I create disk pool to have 7,5TB usable space.
I have 4 Win2008 standard server witch FC HBA card installed and connected to ibm san switch including the storage.

I manage to create logical volume and map the volume to specified host, but every time one of the volume mapped to one host, other volume cannot be accessed.

please help me solve this. thank you
kind regard,
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    Re: how to create access from server to storage

    Dear Abdul,

    what is the problem with 1st FC HBA? Lets check logs. Could you provide DSA log from this server, DS Support Data from DS3512 and output of command supportshow from both FC Brocade switches.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow