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Pinned topic Need advices: dealing with unicode?

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Hello everyone!
My shop has an ongoing project which requires the use of Unicode.
A table in particular will be used to store error messages, labels, etc, of our software; the text will be stored in a unicode field. As I try to gather information about unicode data types in DB/2, I'd like to know if there are caveats that I must be aware of before taking a decision. I have to choose between NVARCHAR and NCLOB: appart from the fact that NCLOB will allow me to store bigger strings than NVARCHAR, are there performance issues which should be taken into consideration?

Thanks in advance for your upcoming advices :)
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    Re: Need advices: dealing with unicode?

    LOB columns are a little more work to read. In addition, the non-SQL native record-level access interfaces cannot be used with tables containing LOB columns.