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Pinned topic IBM x3650 7979 Boot issue

‏2013-01-09T09:51:07Z |

we have three IBM x3650 7979 , running well, but one of them has a boot issue.

The system try to boot three times unsuccesfully.
It attempt to to boot from primary BIOS, then from backup BIOS.
and the system goes offline after trying to boot the kernel controller.

We have the followinhg error at the end:

062 Three consecutive boot failures. Using default CMOS config.
1601 The Baseboard Management Controller is not functionning
178 System VPD not available

Thanks in advance
  • hcr
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    Re: IBM x3650 7979 Boot issue


    Update IMM Firmware.

  • dj.muysson
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    Re: IBM x3650 7979 Boot issue


    x3560 model 7979 is the first x3650 (nicknamed M1), which uses a BMC instead of an IMM.

    Have you power cycled the server? i.e. completely removed power, then added it back?

    If possible, try updating the BMC using the latest version available from IBM's website. If the firmware update tools cannot be started (i.e. can't even boot into DOS), there might not be that much that can be done. The motherboard may need replacement. I doubt it would help, but you could also try replacing the 3v coincell battery on the motherboard....


  • DenisM
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    Re: IBM x3650 7979 Boot issue



    Had you solved the problem?