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Pinned topic Help Migrating DOORS 8.1 Data to ALM 11.0

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I have 2 questions about Doors:
1. Archive data in IBM Doors
2. Migrate from IBM Doors to HP ALM

Could you give me some suggestions bout that.
Any help is appreciated.

Xiu Cheng
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    Re: Help Migrating DOORS 8.1 Data to ALM 11.0

    I wanted to see if you had any luck getting a response to this query? I have the same request as you and would be great if anyone has further info to assist. Thank you.
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    Re: Help Migrating DOORS 8.1 Data to ALM 11.0

    The company that I currently work for is currently evaluating the Requirements Module of HP-ALM 11.5 as a possible alternative to DOORS - if it's accepted, only new projects will use it. All existing projects will finish off using whatever tools that they are using now such as DOORS and HP Quality Centre etc. It's just too risky trying to migrate to another tool when a project is already running.

    As far as I know there are no tools to help you migrate from DOORS to HP-ALM. You will have to ask yourself if this is really worth it because the chances of introducing errors will be very high. If it's only a few DOORS modules that are simple in structure and not very big, then maybe it's worth the tears and bad temper.

    You will need to approach a migration based on manually exporting data from DOORS to HP-ALM in a common exchange format, such as a Comma Seperated Variable (CSV) spreadsheet format.

    If you have any graphics in DOORS modules, these will have to be copied out of DOORS and pasted into HP-ALM manually as the spreadsheet format does not support graphics.

    If you have any modules that have DOORS tables, these will be a problem. There is no easy way to migrate these because as far as I know, HP-ALM does not support table structures for requirements in the same way that DOORS does.

    If you have any columns in module Views that use Attribute DXL or Layout DXL to display data, kiss these goodbye as they will not work in HP-ALM. All you will be able to migrate is the last value displayed.

    The unique ID's of each DOORS module object must be included in the export as you will need these for legacy purposes and to be able to recreate links in HP-ALM.

    To replicate links, the uniqie ID's of the target objects need to be captured in an attribute in each module and then the links recreated when in HP-ALM. This is the really hard bit because the recreation of the links will either have to be done manually, or someone will need to develop a clever VB script to do this in HP-ALM. In both cases, someone is going to have to verify that this has worked.

    Paul Miller,
    Melbourne, Australia