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Pinned topic var://service/error-code is getting changed

‏2013-01-09T03:29:42Z |

I am trying to create the customized error block based on this "var://service/error-code".
When invalid JSON is sent as request the flow should go to the error rule.
In the error rule I am trying to call another rule which has "errorhandling.xsl-- This creates the Error block based on the var://service/error-code".
As this variable is getting changed I am unable to build the Error message block.
When I look into the probe
1) The main error-rule the variables are as below:
var://service/error-code --- "0x0213000e"
var://service/error-subcode --- "0x0213000e"
2) The call-rule in main error-rule as below:
var://service/error-code --- "0x00000000"
var://service/error-subcode --- "0x0213000e"

Instead of calling rule I used the same transform action directly in the main error-rule where it is working as expected the "var://service/error-code" is not getting changed.

Don't know what went wrong only "var://service/error-code" variable is getting changed only in case when I am calling another rule.

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    Re: var://service/error-code is getting changed



    I am also failing the same issue. Is there any way to do this? Or i need to store the variable var://service/error-code and var://service/error-message in a context and use it later?