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Pinned topic IDA V8.5 share-shelled with Infosphere Blueprint Director v2.0.1

‏2013-01-09T01:19:01Z |
I have the current Eclipse share shell installation:
IDA V8.1
Infosphere Blueprint Director V2.0.1 (from Infosphere Information Server V8.7 Fix 1 (I think))

When I tried to upgrade IDA to V8.5 I received the following error message:

Updating IBM Infosphere Data Architect to is not allowed; it is not compatible with IBM Infosphere Blueprint Director 2.0.1

Message ID: CRIMA1069E

In installation context "":
Undefined selector "win32.jdk" in component "" version 6.0.0
Undefined selector "linux.x86.jdk" in component "" version 6.0.0

Does anyone know of a workaround or fix or do I just have to have 2 separate eclipse shells ?

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    Re: IDA V8.5 share-shelled with Infosphere Blueprint Director v2.0.1

    ‏2013-01-17T02:15:49Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    You will need a new Eclipse framework or you could uninstall Blueprint Director and upgrade Data Architect. There is a new version of Blueprint Director v2.2 that is compatible with Data Architect v8.5 but I don't know if you will find it as a standalone download on Passport Advantage. It is bundled with Information Server v9.1 client installation software.

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