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Pinned topic Error Retrieving Documents List when not Associated With Process Instance

‏2013-01-08T22:32:03Z |
BPM (note we do not have the .1 fixpack installed)

When a coach has a document attachment control, and the box Associated With Process Instance is unchecked, a simple error message appears in a popup: Error retrieving documents list

The expected behavior is that ALL documents are shown. We do not have many documents, so it shouldn't be difficult to show them all.

It does not matter if a value is specified for All Documents Matching or not. It also doesn't matter if the coach is run as part of a BPD or if the BPD (or coach) is started from the portal or Inspector. It always fails.

We were attempting to upload documents in one process and show them in another process, but since we cannot uncheck Associated With Process Instance, we can't do it. We CAN put all of our steps in a single process, but we shouldn't have to.

Can anyone else get this to work? I remember in the past seeing a long list of documents when that box was unchecked.
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    Re: Error Retrieving Documents List when not Associated With Process Instance

    We conclude that the use of tw.system.currentProcessId as a property may not work. We encountered the same error message when we started a coach service (without starting the BPD) with a document attachent control that had Associated With Process Instance checked. Since we were trying to correlate using the BPD Instance ID, it looks like we might have to assign that to a variable or use another type of variable. We probably want to start this all with a startable service and use the activity ID anyway.